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This ODORless nail substance will help remove your artificial/faux nails easily. Apply on the sides of your faux nails. Soak for at-least 5 minutes. The longer the soaking time, the easier the removal. Use a nail tool or a nail stick (included in our faux nail kit) to lift the sides of the faux nails. Reapply as necessary. 

This is also an effective way to remove nail glue residue that is left on top of your nails after removal. May also be used fo removal of nail sticker adhesive. 

Note: Do not use if plan to reuse your designer artificial/faux nails as it will fade the design or potentially thin out the faux nails. Soak nails and use warm water instead. 




I am never good at putting make-up, my eyes tends to look tired without anything on my eyes, these eyelashes has been a lifesaver not just they look fabulous but they are easy to apply! If I can use it, everybody can use it" -

Kasey Snyder

I love Delight eyelashes, its dramatic but not so much which you can wear from day to evening. It is a very versatile eyelash! The applicator is very durable and not flimsy and I am a Gemini too I love it!" -

Britanny Williams