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GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics


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Our Press-On Nails together with our nail adhesive sticker are lab-tested to withstand pressure, water and humidity that lasts up to 21 days! 

These nail designs are unique and hard to find, not to mention our nail kit is surely ONE-OF-A-KIND in the market today.


  • 20-24 pieces Faux / Artificial Reusable designer nails
  • 2 sheets of Nail Adhesive Sticker (total of 26 stickers in varying sizes)
  • Mini nail file x 1
  • Mini nail stick x 1 
  • Mini nail buffer x 1
  • Alcohol prep pad x 1 
  • Nail tips guide sheet x 1
  • Instruction flyer x 1
  • Press-on nails case with mirror


    Nail Shape: Coffin 

    Design: UV Printed

    Finish: Glossy

    ProTip: Apply nail decors or nail stickers to spice up a plan nail design. 



    • Wash hands  
    • Trim and file real nails as necessary (nail file included).
    • Cut excess dry skin around nails as preferred.
    • Push cuticle back with nail stick (included). Keep stick for later use. 
    • Buff top of nails (nail buffer included). Uneven edges will let air or water sit between your faux nails and real nails resulting to lesser adhesion.


    • Clean nails with alcohol pad to remove debris and oil on top of nail bed. This will make the faux nail adhere stronger to your nail bed .(Alcohol prep pad included).



    1. Select the appropriate size of faux nail with your real nails

    2. Use the nail tips guide sheet to map out correct size of faux nails to each fingernail.

    3. Select correct size of nail adhesive and peel it off from the sheet.

    4. Apply the nail adhesive sticker into the center part of your nails. Rub the applied nail adhesive sticker with the nail stick to remove air then peel.

    5. Apply the press-on nails from one side to the other side of top of your real nails with the nail adhesive sticker.

    6. Apply pressure on top and around the applied faux nail for about 10 seconds each application. 

    ***can last up to 21 days or even more depending on usage. Shorter faux nails tends to stay longer due to less susceptibility to accidental bumps or lifts and also less air and water entry*** 




    1. Soak nails into warm water or use HOOKED ™ Nail Debonder to remove effectively (sold separately) and apply around all sides of the faux nails. Soak for at least 5 minutes, the longer the soaking time, the easier the removal. 

    NOTE: Don't use HOOKED™ Nail Debonder if you're planning to reuse nails as it will fade the nail design or melt the faux nails.

    2. Lift the side of the faux nails using the provided nail stick inside the kit and gently remove. Do not try to force remove faux nails to avoid damaging your nail bed. Resoak nails into warm water or reapply Hooked™ Nail Debonder as needed.

    3. If planning to reuse, once faux nails are removed, clean the underside of the faux nails with alcohol or soak with warm water to remove any glue or adhesive residue. Use nail stick to help push the stubborn nail glue residues. 

    4. After cleaning, store and display your faux nails back to its clear storage for future use! 

    Ms. CHERRY - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
    Ms. CHERRY - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
    Ms. CHERRY - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
    Ms. CHERRY - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
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