Lash&Dash™ Kit  NEW EDITION– The ONLY Lash Kit you need right NOW

Lash&Dash™ Kit NEW EDITION– The ONLY Lash Kit you need right NOW

All makeup junkies unite on one thing. False lashes can glam up every makeup look when compared to any other beauty product. However, most of us opt out of wearing false lashes because they are a total pain to put on! 

Fortunately, gone are those days when we had to spend an entire hour sewing those lashes perfectly into our real ones. With cosmetic technology improving daily, simple faux lash sets and kits are available, with more and more enhancing options to give us a fuller, dramatic look. Whether you are a beginner with these falsies or a pro, Gem-In-Eye Cosmetics has launched an easy-breezy Lash & Dash kit that will enhance any makeup look you choose and give you a striking super-natural gaze. 



A Small Introduction

The Lash & Dash Lash Kit collection by Gem-In-Eye Cosmetics is designed to complement any makeup look you wear. They are handmade 3D faux mink eyelashes, which are high-quality, latex-free, durable, and long-lasting. The lash kits come with an array of choices for any lash length, such as Stunner, Siren, Whiskey, Delight, Babe, Attract, Bourbon, Charm, and many more. These lashes are available in a complete all-in-one set for a hassle-free lash application, including GEMLash quick bond pen (adhesive eyeliner), GEMDash quick glue, and a U-shaped eyelash tweezers that effortlessly picks and holds lashes for easy hands-free application.


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The Application

Most women find it quite challenging to apply false lashes without the glue being visible. The Lash & Dash kits have instantly solved this issue by designing a high-quality latex free glue with minimum drying time and an adhesive eyeliner, which is also a quick glue for lift-proof, worry-free super-strong false eyelashes adhesion. How cool is that? 

Applying these lashes is no less than a dream! The adhesive quick lash glue. The eyeliner and the tweezers make it easy to use smoothly on your eyelids without taking the whole hour! The innovative glue-on-glue technique makes the application easy and breezy. And wait, you do not even need an eyeliner because the GEMLash Quick Bond Pen serves as a great black liner to slay those perfect cat eyes while showing off your gorgeous and voluminous falsies! It is an ideal kit for newbies who are not an expert at wearing lashes but love to wear them on every occasion. 


Wrapping It Up

With the Gem-In-Eye's Lash & Dash kits, there are endless possibilities for creating whatever makeup look you like to wear. There is a lash kit for every look that is soft, dramatic, bold, or subtle. These lashes are waterproof, smudge-proof, and flake-free with a matte finishing, making them accessible, closest to the natural ones, durable, and long-lasting. The best thing about the lashes is the inclusion of the Quick Bond Pen adhesive lash liner to slay those dramatic eyes on a night out. 




Hence, we totally recommend this product and rate it ten on ten for all those who want unique and stunning lashes but find it hard to apply. Go ahead and slay those falsies like a pro with Gem-in-eye cosmetics lash and dash kit.



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