Are You Ready to BLUSH & BLOOM?

Are You Ready to BLUSH & BLOOM?

We crave uniqueness in a world where a new blush is released nearly every week, whether it's in the form of new makeup formulas like cream to matte, unique limited-edition collabs that risk selling out in minutes, or unbelievable packaging that appear in our dreams at night. So if you’re a makeup lover who craves the good stuff on the same level as I do, I have some major beauty news for you that won’t disappoint and is ready to transcend all beauty trends- The Blush & Bloom 3D Rose blush by GEM-IN-EYE COSMETICS.

Blush is a beauty component that is far too frequently overlooked. It's an important step in achieving a natural-looking makeup look. Of course, bronzers are fantastic for achieving an instant beach-ready look, and highlighters may make us look and feel like a dazzling orb when our lack of sleep makes us look dull, but what happens when you want to appear more fresh and relaxed? Nothing beats a quick blush application for a natural beauty look to brighten our skin in a pinch.

First introduced and launched during the NYFW it’s hard to put into words just how stunning Blush & Bloom by GEM-IN-EYE COSMETICS is, but I’m going to do my best. The best part? The patent pending silk is baked to perfection to look just like a real rose and it’s quite possibly the most beautiful handmade product-meets-work-of-art you’d ever lay your eyes on.  

Personally, this 3d silk rose blush might be one of those makeup products that we use carefully and sparingly so that it stays on our vanity forever to take pictures of because it looks so beautiful. Blush & Bloom is stunning in the compact and even prettier on the cheeks. Three gorgeous shades feisty, fierce, and flirty are meant to compliment every skin tone. They shape, highlight, and provide a radiant lit- from-within-glow that makes you look more alive and healthier than that third cup of coffee ever will. These are petal perfect beauties made special for you that you will reach for again and again. They are also a great unique gift to your special someone for holidays, birthdays, valentines, and mother’s day. 

The pigment of these blushes will steal the show wherever you go, which sets them apart from all your other blushes. Unlike sheer blushes, Blush & Bloom gives nothing but pure color, a little bit goes a very, very long way. A little dab is all you need to get that bold pigment that is super versatile and buildable, whether you’re looking for a dramatic sun-kissed look or a light wash of color Blush & Bloom is all you need. The shades glide on like a dream without giving a cakey finish, the bonus is the shimmer to a matte finish. Apply Blush & Bloom with a brush or your fingers to get the flush of your dreams!  

Get your hands on this special limited stock stellar, it also makes a flattering gift to someone you love <3

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