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GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics

Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit

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Lash Volume


Lash Design

3D Design, Angled, Sunrise

Lash Length


Lash Type

Premium Faux Mink

# Magnets





This luxurious acrylic magnetic eyelashes box kit is perfect for every women’s vanity table!

Our premium faux mink eyelashes has total of 8-MAGNET EYELASH BAND paired with our strong-hold GEMFlash Magnetic Eyeliner™ for maximum all-day wear. 


-Two (2) Pairs of Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes - Cruelty-free premium faux mink eyelashes of the eyelash style of your choice with 8-magnet point band in a customized lash plate. Wear for 30-60X per pair!

-GEMFlash Magnetic Eyeliner™ -  A paraben-free magnetic eyeliner is a strong-hold formula to keep your magnetic lashes in place where it is supposed to be, all day!

-Lash & Flash™ Acrylic Box - made of black and clear acrylic box to store all your magnetic eyelashes routine needs safely plus keeps them very well organized in one place. 


GEM.IN.EYE. Eyelash Style Preference Guide 

I. GEMLash Volume

Natural-looking : Less is more. The most natural looking volume of eyelashes you can own. Perfect for everyday use. You can even use it while working out and sweating!

Amplified: Look like a doll with just the right volume of lashes. Perfect for everyday allure or occasions you value most. Get insta-dolled up!

Theatrical: All the drama you need is only from your eyelashes. These eyelashes is fully loaded with the most volume you will surely never go unnoticed!


II. GEMLash Design

Angled: The lashes are perfectly angled with inner lashes are shorter then gradually gets longer towards the outer eyelash making your eyes fly with these wings.

Sunrise: The lash is designed like a sun during a sunrise. The middle part of the eyelash is the the focal point then equally distributes on both sides creating that sultry effect.

Criscross: Each piece of eyelash is sitting on top of each other with an X pattern with that fanning out effect.

Alternating Long-Short: Combination of short and long lashes that has an alternating pattern creating that wispy effect.

Identicals: Similar pattern of lashes equally distributed on almost all of the strip to achieve that doll’s eye effect. 


III. GEMLash Length

Normal: Natural-looking length. Sizes ranging between 10-12mm.

Medium: Longer than usual. Sizes ranging between 12-16mm.

Long: Extra flare. Size ranging between 16-20mm.

Extra Long: Extreme length. Size ranging from 18-25mm.


IV. GEMLash Types

 Type Description
Silk Thick full body. Glossy finish.
Faux Mink Real mink fur imitation. Little more bold and semiglossy
Flexi-Silk Silk finish with band more flexible and thinner.


V. GEMLash Comfort 

Comfort Level Description Durability PROs  CONs
Light Fine bands that is ultra light to your eyes 5-15x of wear It is so light you will forget its even there. If not gentle especially when taking out of the tray, high risk for damage and breakage
Standard Normal band softness 10-30x of wear Normal band thickness wear. Comfortable enough to wear for 10-16 hours. If not applied correctly with the glue and proper size of the eyelash, may cause irritation.
Pro Thicker Bands for bigger and bolder effect 15-40x of wear Thicker band to hold more volume and longer lashes than other band types. May feel heavy if worn for longer periods. Suggested wear time 8-12 hours.



Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit - GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics
Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit Trendy Topaz - Starter Kit
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"This is so beautiful, I'm gonna cry! Im literally gonna put blush all the time. It even smells like a rose!" (Blush&Bloom™)

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I've never seen anything like this before! Wow, this is so amazing". (Blush&Bloom™)

@aliciahartwell Author/Coach/Speaker

"I honestly love this glue-on-glue technique and the lashes lasted all night long with no lifting. There were just so perfect for my wedding day!" (Lash&Dash™ Kit)