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GEM▪︎IN▪︎EYE Cosmetics

Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner

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  Color: Ultra Black Color

  • Strong MAGNETISM Guaranteed
  • Stainless Ball inside to keep formula fresh
  • Easy-Snap Formula
  • Non-Clumping
  • Non-Fading
  • Defined Precision Liner Tip
  • Quick-Drying
  • Latex-Free
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • EXTRA: Can be used also for plain STRIP FALSE EYELASHES


Our revolutionary Magnetic Eyeliner with Precision Control Felt Tip Pen can achieve beautiful lashes that is made effortless with the precise control of a felt tip pen. The felt tip allows for precise lines to be easily created, whether you want a subtle or a bold, dramatic look. This eyeliner guarantees your desired result every time with its precision control.

Inside the aluminum bottle, you'll find a stainless steel ball that plays a vital role in preserving the formula's integrity. This stainless ball gently agitates the formula whenever you shake the bottle, preventing it from settling and drying out. This ensures that your magnetic eyeliner is always ready for use.

Say goodbye to clumping, smudging, fading, or eyelash mishaps! Our advanced formula quickly dries and creates a strong connection with our magnetic lashes, ensuring all-day hold. No need to be concerned about your lashes falling off during crucial occasions or outdoor pursuits - our magnetic eyeliner has you covered.

Experience the confidence of magnetic lashes without the fuss and mess. Whether you're a makeup aficionado or a beginner, our eyeliner is your go-to solution for effortlessly achieving stunning, long-lasting magnetic lashes!



  1. Shake Well: Before each use, shake the eyeliner bottle well to activate the formula and ensure an even distribution.

GEM IN EYE Cosmetics Magnetic Aluminum Pen. Shake well to activate stainless ball to keep the formula fresh

 2. Prepare Your Eyes: Start with clean, dry eyelids. Ensure there is no oil or makeup residue on your eyelids, as this may affect the eyeliner's magnetic hold.


GEM IN EYE Cosmetics. Keep your eyes clean on any kind of false eyelashes application.

 3. Apply the Eyeliner: Using the precision control felt tip pen, draw a smooth line along your upper lash line. The finer the line, the more natural the look. For a more dramatic effect, you can create a thicker line.

GEM IN EYE Cosmetics Strong Magnetic Eyeliner Application

  4.  Allow to Dry: Wait for a few seconds for the eyeliner to dry completely. This will ensure a strong magnetic hold for your lashes.


5. Apply Magnetic Lashes: Once the eyeliner is dry, gently apply your magnetic lashes along your upper lash line. The magnets on the lashes will securely adhere to the magnetic eyeliner.


6. Adjust and Perfect: Use your fingers or a lash applicator to adjust the position of the magnetic lashes until they are in the desired placement and aligned with your natural lash line.


GEM IN EYE Cosmetics woman adjusting and perfecting her magnetic eyelashes application infront of the mirror.

7. Enjoy Your Stunning Lashes: Your magnetic lashes are now in place, providing a secure hold that can last all day. Enjoy the confidence of beautiful, hassle-free lashes!


Remove after use and magnetize the eyelashes back to the case. To remove eyeliner a simple makeup remover preferably a dual-action makeup remover (oil and water based remover) is recommended.

Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
GEM IN EYE Cosmetics Magnetic Liner compared to other regular magnetic pens are more durable and has stronger magnetism to keep magnetic lashes on secure hold that lasts all day..
GEM IN EYE Cosmetics Magnetic Felt Eyeliner Pen has strong magnetism that keeps magnetic lashes in place. It Is easy & smooth to apply with no residues, no clumping. The aluminum pen has a stainless ball that prevents formula from drying and keeps formula fresh for every application. Just make sure to shake the pen well!
Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
Magnetic Felt Pen Eyeliner
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